Moving Forward: An Ancient Divorce Ritual for the Modern World

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Read reviews for "Moving Forward" from divorce professionals. My research on divorce is already making an important difference.

"Divorce is a time of tragic endings and profound potential. It can either leave us permanently wounded or it can open us up to hidden possibilities of love and healing. With this important book, Dr. Beloff has gifted us with the possibility of transformation. Moving Forward demonstrates a keen understanding of sacred space, clear intention and the power of bringing together ancient wisdom with modern sensibilities."

— Rabbi Shefa Gold, Author of Are We There Yet? Travel as a Spiritual Practice

"This fascinating book is a must-read for anyone longing to learn more about closure when experiencing divorce. We have rituals and ceremonies for many big life events, like baptisms, bar (bat) mitzvahs, weddings, funerals but nothing for divorce. Dr. Marilyn Beloff takes the reader through personal stories that demonstrate how the Get has profound effects on two people who were once married. Dr. Beloff shares her research and personal takeaways to help us understand the shift and transformation that can take place within each individual. Healing happens in layers and this is one layer with an opportunity to look deep within and to recognize the remarkable spiritual journey guiding each couple to peace of mind."

— Maria Paula Silva, Founder and Mediator, Burnaby Mediation Centre, British Columbia, Canada

"Dr. Beloff's remarkable book fills a void in the literature about divorce - namely, how can we create healing rituals that enable divorcing couples to achieve closure. Building on detailed and moving accounts of seven people who obtained a Jewish "get" (a religious divorce), Beloff lovingly distills from these stories a broad range of psychological and spiritual insights that will be immensely useful for divorce lawyers, mediators, and couples counselors. The companion DVD is especially worthwhile because it depicts a ritual that anyone - regardless of whether they are religious or not - could adapt to the circumstances of their divorce and, by doing so, bring peace into the process of parting."

— David A. Hoffman, Mediator and Lawyer at Boston Law Collaborative, LLC, Lecturer on Law at Harvard Law School

"Dr. Beloff has written the ultimate book for anyone who is divorced, or is going through a divorce.

 The final step in the often-torturous divorce process is getting the divorce certificate in the mail. This stark piece of paper may offer legal closure, but provides no emotional closure, no opening of the heart and mind as to how to move forward, how to deal with the myriad of feelings and emotions that accompany divorce.

 Whether the divorce creates heartbreak, trauma, or relief, it is a major life change. Dr. Beloff opens the door to peace and acceptance of divorce by exploring the ancient Jewish ritual.

 Every life passage seems to have a ritual involved, except divorce, and the Jewish ritual of divorce is unique in that it even exists, and that it provides a way to soothe the hurts, smooth the path forward and gives life and meaning to the years ahead.

 By discussing the psychological wisdom of the ancients and their archetypal applications, Beloff allows us to see how we can apply these truths and rituals to our own lives.

 Dr. Beloff teaches us how to understand these rituals, how they help to heal us, and she provides us with the ways and mans to apply these rituals to our own needs. By understanding the psychological truths behind the ancient rituals, we are able to create for ourselves a divorce ritual, which personally serves our own needs to calm our souls, and heal the wounds of divorce.

 Moving Forward: An Ancient Ritual for the Modern World is destined to change the way we view the finality of divorce. It should be on the bookshelf of every social worker, clergyperson, and family lawyer. It should be read by anyone who is or had been affected by divorce because it will dramatically provide recuperation and peace to the hearts and souls of all those involved in a divorce.

 Dr. Beloff’s book is life changing and life enhancing." 

-Sharon Freed,

Long time educator, President WJSTA