Moving Forward: An Ancient Divorce Ritual for the Modern World

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About Dr. Marilyn R. Beloff, Ph.D.

I'm Dr. Marilyn R. Beloff, Ph.D., and my new book, "Moving Forward", is based on my extensive research into divorce rituals. It is intended for individuals and professionals.

Doctoral Research

In 1999, I was hard at work on my doctoral degree, including the completion of my dissertation. I decided to research an ancient ritual of divorce for its wisdom in healing the wounds of divorce in our modern, secular world. After completing my dissertation, I felt passionate about passing on what I'd learned from my research.

Applying My Research

As a practicing psychotherapist, I have seen how my research can be used to help my clients. By writing my book, I shed new light on helping clients mourn the loss of their union, leave their resentment behind, and love again with an open heart. My book also helps divorced parents be there for their kids. I am experienced, and I've had the opportunity to apply my research with successful results.
Member of Jewish Book Council
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International Academy of Collaborative Professionals

Proven New Methods

For over 30 years, I have practiced the traditional and emerging modalities to help families going through a divorce. Those practices include: separation therapy, family mediation, collaborative practice as a child specialist and divorce coach, and when necessary have provided a report for court. In doing so, I have seen the gaps in those methods and where they can be filled with what I've learned. I have also trained clinicians on the findings of my research.

Additionally, I have written articles on the topic.

Contact me if you are interested in training or lectures on this subject matter.

Dr. Marilyn R. Beloff, Ph.D.